Wubbanub Soothie to Mam Conversion


The Wubbanub I had ordered from Amazon came in just this past Friday. Now, my squish has only used a Mam pacifier since birth. (Please do take note that he will take any bottle, not minding what brand it is, as long as milk comes out…) Since that day, I’ve offered it to him a few times, but he’s never wanted the Soothie pacifier that is attached.

So today I was thinking… I wonder if there’s such a thing as a Mam wubbanub… so I Googled “Mam Wubbanub” and wound up finding a link to a wonderful blog post for it, in which I found a link for the original posted idea on the BabyCenter website.

I had to try the idea myself! So I read over what she did to replace the pacifier, and began my work.

A seam ripper to remove the Soothie


It wasn’t hard to remove the pacifier at all. All I had to do was pull on the Soothie a little, and use the seam ripper on the stitches holding it in. Next came the stitching in of the Mam pacifier ring.




I just made sure it was secure enough after I stitched it in by trying to mangle it (or you could give it a gentle tug) like I’m sure the baby will eventually. 😂

Once it’s stitched in, insert beloved Mam pacifier and voila….. Baby’s favorite paci just got even better. This project took me roughly 10 minutes! You could do it as well!

He enjoys his new Wubbanub

He loves to play with it as he falls asleep. 💙

Falling asleep... and YES he has to be all covered up all over to fall asleep.. he's weird like that. But we like weird around here.

Oh, and if you do happen to make the Wubbanub Soothie to Mam conversion, leave a comment to let me know how it went!



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